Day Lily Pendant

Friday, May 3, 2013

You know what I love?  In the summer when all the Day Lily's are in full bloom and you run across a whole field of them! That just reminds me of everything joyful about summer! 

May is here, this month will be gone in the blink of an eye as I prep for my beadmaking workshop and create inventory for Bead & Button.  And then it will be summer.  Already.  How does this happen?  6 month's fly by before I feel like my head is above water since moving here.  I've tried to mix in living a life, while I'm making a living.  Some days I do better than others. 

But now I'm looking out over the idea of summer - farmer's markets, days at the beach, Forth of July celebrations, birthday celebrations, my 20th wedding anniversary - it's all waiting out there for me.  I wish I could grab hold of those fleeting moments and slow down time.  Just for a while. 

I'm digging beaded jump rings at the moment - give it a try the next time you sit down to work on a project!

Day Lily Pendant


I love this necklace! I had a

I love this necklace! I had a go at some beaded jump rings today too (inspired by your newsletter :-)) but the jump rings I used were too thick. I will persevere though!

7mm Jump Rings

That's my secret Rebecca. I pick them up at Hobby Lobby, but I know you don't have one across the pond. I will send some your way with your Bead of the Month package for May.

So pretty!

Your necklace is so pretty, Heather! I love the way the beaded jump rings add that bit of movement! Like you, I'm looking forward to the summer months - my favorite time of year! :-)

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