Visually Branding Your Jewelry Business    Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm super excited to be hosting my first webinar for Interweave today. Just like the title says I'll be sharing all my tips and tricks for visually branding and promoting your business. 
The live webinar starts at 1PM EST today, so there is still time to sign up and join us. During the live webinar you get to ask questions and then after the webinar the recording version is sent out. So even if you can't make it today you can sign up and listen in later this week.  
  • How to create a mood board to help tell your story visually
  • Use the power of branding to grow your jewelry business
  • Learn what formats and sizes to create your images for the different social media platforms
  • Explore unexpected ways to visually promote your jewelry
  • Discover how to stand out with your printed materials
  • Jewelry designers just starting to sell their jewelry.
  • Seasoned designers who want to improve their online marketing skills.
  • Designers who feel lost at promoting their work online and could use a few guidelines.
  • Jewelry designers who want to stand out at shows.
  • Designers who are ready to get more attention online without feeling pushy or invasive.
  • Jewelry makers who want to wow their customers with creative yet affordable packaging.
  • Designers who aren't sure if they are a brand but would certainly like to sell more jewelry online and off!

In the webinar I'm going to talk about defining your dream client and thought I'd share my blog post on who my dream client is that I wrote a few years ago and now use as my guide for creating jewelry and marketing my business. Read Thoughts on My Target Market here

I Took the Art Bead Scene Challenge    Monday, November 17, 2014

So it's time for another round of the Art Bead Scene editors taking a turn at creating jewelry the monthly challenge and sharing our work in a blog hop. This month's painting is by Martin Johnson Heade.

For the challenge, I dug into my bead boxes to see what I already had and started my projects from there. I would say I was inspired by the challenge but not in a literal way. My pieces have hints of the inspiration painting, but I found the beads led this way this time around!

I started this necklace with my Orchid pendant. I made this pendant early this year in honor of Pantone's color of the year: Radiant Orchid.

To accent the pendant I paired up lampwork from Sea of Glass, ceramic round from White Clover Kiln. The purple ceramic charm from Marsha Neal reminded me of the shape of the nest in the painting. I thought the butterfly charm from Gardanne pulled in some of the darker colors from the painting, the Green Girl Pewter nest seemed an easy pick, and then the copper leaf charm from Vintaj added a little tropical charm along with a tiny glass teardrop. The design has a toggle clasp above the pendant with a copper branch and a fine brass chain.

I tried to capture that lush feel that the painting has with lots of layered elements.

The next piece is further removed from the subject matter and pulled the inspiration from the colors of the painting.
I started out with a pink ceramic owl pendant in the same shade as the orchid - the pendant is from Andrew Thornton. A Diane Hawkey Inspire bead brings a little message to the necklace - always good to encourage random inspiration! A tiny orchid bird that I made is paired up with a green ceramic bead from White Clover Kiln. I added a few wrapped beads that has sari silk ribbon and seed beads. 
This necklace just makes me all kinds of crazy happy, must be those fun and playful colors! 
Earrings with enamel leaves from Gardanne, speckled wobbles from me and Czech glass from a little punch of color. 

For the next set, I pulled the color palette back and focused on the purples with a neutrals of grey and my metals. The lampwork headpin is from Pumpkin Hill Beads, the pewter nest is a Green Girl Studio creation and then I paired them up with my speckled wobble and tiny bird in shades of orchid and lilac. 

Matching earrings with enamel oak leaves from Gardanne, my wobbles and Czech glass.

And then I felt like I only make pendants for these challenges so I wanted to work up a bracelet. I don't make enough bracelets - what's up with that? I started with my tiny bird in emerald and few wobbles, added in a great ceramic bead from Starry Road Studio that looked very nest-ish. The toggle is from my friend and fellow ABS editor, Mary Harding and then I used a Vintaj leaf that I textured for the other side of the bracelet. The leaf is from Pumpkin Hill Beads.

 I really love how this turned out!

I have mixed my metals using copper, brass, and steel/arte metal to play with the darker colors found in the painting. And to finish today I have a pair of earrings that fit the tropical theme with enameled leaves from Gardanne and my speckled wobbles (can you tell they are a fav!).

Head on over to the Art Bead Scene today to check out what everyone else has done. And you should definately pull out your beads today or later this week and play along with us!

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

The ABS Editors Take the Challenge Blog Hop - see what everyone made for this month's challenge!

Humblebeads Jewelry  - these will be available in my jewelry shop later this afternoon.


Perfect Pairs : Autumn Oak Leaves    Wednesday, November 5, 2014

“Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.” ~ Shira Tamir

Oak Leaf Matchstick Earring Charms - Oak Leaf Photograph

Autumn Inspirations Booklet    Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Color inspirations - I can't get enough when it comes to creating jewelry! I'm always on the hunt for a new beautiful color palette to incorporate into my beads and jewelry. In a rut - find a new and unexpected color palette to inspire your designs. Want to create something trendy - find a fashion forward Pantone color palette. Not confident in your color yet? Start by finding palettes that you love and go from there.

If you haven't seen the Color Canvas feature before it starts with a photo that I take, a color palette pulled from the photo and a piece of jewelry inspired by both. Oh my gosh, it's so much fun!!! My first column is in the Dec/Jan issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry and you can download it now!

To celebrate my new gig as the Color Canvas contributor for Step by Step Wire magazine I created a free Autumn Inspirations color palette booklet.


Grab a cup of chai tea and enjoy a dose of autumn color and design inspiration! I've created a 10 page booklet with four gorgeous color palettes, design ideas, trendy tips and my favorite bead picks for each color palette featuring beads from Humblebeads and Lima Beads. 

It's a leaf collecting, pumpkin surprising, woodland walking bead romp that you won't want to miss! Print it out and use it the next time you sit down to make jewelry. 

Psst...You'll need Adobe Reader to access the PDF booklet. It's free here but your computer probably already has it.

Holiday Beads    Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Woodland Winter Inspirations:
Hand-knits, snowflakes, birch forests and evergreen trees, wreathes and mistletoe, tiny log cabins and holiday glad tidings.

Drinking cocoa, watching the snowflakes fall while bundled up under a quilt brings joy.

Family gatherings with laughter and sweet treats during the cold winter days warms the heart.

Festive decorations and glad tidings shared during the holidays.

Being a little elf and making gifts for friends near and far.

Walking in snowy forests, silent and still and knowing peace.

All my favorite things from the holidays rolled into this collection of beads. Can beads capture a little magic? I think so! 

These have been in the works for a few weeks, but seeing the first snowfall of the season on Friday certainly put me in the mood to finish them. I will enjoy each moment of November and the last whispers of Autumn, as we should! But it's never too early to start planning those gifts.

You can find the collection over in my Etsy shop ready to ship out.

Chocolate, Beads and Love - Bonbon Bead Workshop    Friday, October 31, 2014

Chocolate, beads and love - they all produce the same chemical reaction in the brain, I'm sure of it! We've all had the rush of finding a swoon worthy bead, one that makes your heart beat a little faster when it's in the palm of your hand. Your head starts swimming with ideas and the possibilities of what to make with that tiny treasure.

Now think of a melt-in-your-mouth, melt-your-soul chocolate confection. My friend Erin introduced me to Moonstruck chocolates years ago and they are a bit of heaven on earth. Think of artisan treats lining a display case, each piece of handcrafted chocolate a delectable treat with delicate sugary details decorating their chocolate shells. 

Imagine beads that look good enough to eat, each one displaying layers of leaves and flowers as a sweet bonbon.Like learning to create heavenly European chocolates, the secrets of these scrumptious Bonbon beads will be revealed in my next online beadmaking workshop. Sign up today to save your space and you'll be creating your own mouth-watering beads just in time for holiday gift-making!

Let's take a look at the color palettes of the beads that will be featured in the class:  
Bright and cheerful, these candy-cane inspired colors are fun and playful. They are elf-approved hues that are a jolly treat! These are the beads that will be making during the class and the recommended color palette to start. These beads will make whimsical ornaments and stocking stuffers for the young-at-heart on your gift list. 

The Woodland Holiday color palette will feature chocolate browns, sage greens, cream, purple, copper and rose colors. This collection will work beautifully with rustic and earthy jewelry designs. They are florals that can be easily translated into non-holiday designs for those who are little more down-to-earth on your gift list.
Twinkling snow, frosted branches, glimmering icicles, the winter wonderland color palette captures the icy hues of the season in gold, creams and dreamy purple of twilight. Pair these beads up with pearls, golden-brass findings and shimmering crystals to create your own winter wonderland jewelry designs. Wear these gilded pieces to upcoming holiday parties. 
Classics never go out of style and for the traditionalist I couldn't resit these red, green and gold creations that would bring instant holiday glam to any outfit during the season. These will also make beautiful ornaments, start checking off your gift list! I have the perfect ornament project included in the bonuses using these beads - they will be your go-to gift this year.

Can you hear Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies chiming in your head now? As visions of plum, violet and lavender dance in your head this color palette offers another non-holiday take on these bonbon beads. Purple, everyone loves it! And you can see by using a monochromatic color palette these beads are transformed into flowery designs that would look great for your bohemian chic jewelry creations, your garden-inspired designs or ultra-feminine jewelry.

You'll get the inside scoop with detailed videos taking you step-by-step in mixing colors, creating the leaves and flowers and decorating your beads. Along with the videos you'll have step-by-step written directions with photographs. You'll learn finishing tips to offer more design options - we love having options don't we? You'll discover the easy tricks I use for making beads in a flash and you'll soon master making your sweet bonbon beads and ready to transform them into jewelry and gifts.

And then you can dive into the 10 bonus projects featuring the bonbon beads. Because as lovely as a pile of beads are, seeing them in action and having great gift ideas can take tons of pressure off during this busy time of year. Create them into gifts to fill stockings and put under the tree, give as treasured presents during Hanukkah or design jewelry to wear to your holiday shindigs -  making this the class that keeps on giving!

Don't worry if you've never made a bead before, you will be a bonbon bead expert by the time you are finished with the class! 

Sign up here and save your spot today - class starts on November 7th but you'll have lifetime access to the class and videos. Work at your own speed and schedule before the crazy holiday festivities begin!

Perfect Pairs : Aubergine Leaves    Wednesday, October 29, 2014

“I love like a leaf in the wind. Please, hold your applause until the end of the performance (the last day of fall).” ~ Jarod Kintz

Aubergine Leaf Charms - Purple Oak Leaves Photograph

Autumn Inspirations    Saturday, October 25, 2014


I have finally had a moment to catch my breath this week. This has been the craziest two months of moving, workshops, retreats and putting my world back together in our new home. 
I'm so happy here. We are right by town but still in a woodland area near a beautiful trail. We have been going for family walks this week to explore our new neighborhood. I can tell this forest is going to soak into my bones through each season and inspire new beads. 
One of my favorite treats this week has been Chai Hot Chocolate. Steep a chai tea bag for a few moments and then stir in hot cocoa and top off with whipped cream. Autumn in a cup - you're welcome! 
How are you enjoying the season? 

Art Bead Scene's October Challenge    Thursday, October 16, 2014

Today the editors of the Art Bead Scene have risen to the monthly challenge over on our blog. This month I picked this colorful and playful painting by Milton Avery. I have to say it's the color that grabbed me when I first saw this painting. It captures a surreal palette that definitely excludes the excitement of the season. 

To play along I made beads inspired by the painting. I created this necklace with my bead, a leaf headpin from Thornburg Studios, enamel accents from Gardanne and a ceramic bead from White Clover Kiln. 

Here are the rest of the beads I created for the challenge. These are a very limited edition. Once they are gone, that's it! I will have them in my Etsy shop in just a bit.

This month the Art Bead Scene has mixed things up a bit with our challenge. We are now using Pinterest as the place to show off your entries. And there is a bead category for beadmakers to enter. So jump on over to the Art Bead Scene to check out the challenge and see what everyone else made this week! And then pull out those beads and play along.

Art Bead Scene October Challenge
Art Bead Scene Editor Blog Hop

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